What We Do

We offer a range of promotional, commercial and marketing services, for companies all over the world. We provide our diverse client base with services such as: General Promotions, Commercial Representation, Destination and General Marketing, Public Relations and Events Management. 

With international offices and world-wide commercial experience, you can tap into our considerable expertise to achieve new business connections, and explore avenues and possibilities that might not have been achievable without our experience and contact base.

We help you to increase market awareness and sales opportunities, and open distribution channels in the UK, USA, Europe and South America. We get you noticed, wherever you want to be.

Bossa Brazil work with you to create bespoke packages that target the market sectors relevant to you; tailored to your needs, and your budget. Our services cover a wide range of disciplines and by tailoring the package specifically to you, we can select the most appropriate services for your business. Those services include:

  • Commercial representation
  • Public Relations services
  • Sales and marketing
  • Consumer and trade marketing
  • Events and festival organisation
  • Targeting potential clients and suppliers by profile
  • Market trends and business growth awareness  
  • Trade fair and exhibition participation  
  • Image promotion and brand awareness
  • Market research
  • Distribution of promotional sales material
  • Media exposure and press releases
  • Commercial consultancy
  • Digital PR and social networking
  • Training and commercial visits


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